The Top 10 Things Women Feel More Empowered About After 40

The Top 10 Things Women Feel More Empowered About After 40

The Top 10 Things Women Feel More Empowered About After 40


If You’re Younger Than 40, This is Still for You

I surveyed 100 women… nah, I’m kidding (I just like Family Feud). 😊

I only talked to a few women.

Either way, age ain’t nothing but a number, according to the beautiful late Aaliyah.

There’s something about 40 that feels like a magic number.

The women I spoke to agreed. They said that there was something that started happening right around the time they turned 40.

It was kind of like a fire reignited inside of them. 

A shift in attitude. A shift in perspective.

So many women I know have had multiple revelations when they turned 40 and even more when they turned 50!

The revelations below may have you laughing out loud 😂 or merely walking away saying, “I really need to get my ish together so I can be like these other chicks.”

If you’re younger than 40 and already checking things off this list, allow me to brush your shoulders off (Yep, I’m a Jay-Z fan)!

Feel free to let us know if we missed anything though!

  1. Passing gas – They said it, I didn’t… lol. Unfortunately, bodily functions have a mind of their own as you age. (Insert shoulder shrug & deep apologies when unintended victims are screaming WTF is that smell!) 😊
  2. Saying nothing – In some cases, silence really is the best answer. Some things just don’t deserve a response. Bless their ministry & just walk away. Plus, everyone doesn’t need to know your business. It’s super sexy & powerful to make moves in silence. 🤐
  3. Walking Away – People are in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. You embrace that now more than ever. You know it’s ok to walk when he/she/it is no longer a good fit. Saying goodbye to the toxic job, relationship, and friendship gets easier. 🚶‍♀️
  4. Being alone – Being in a relationship is great, but it’s not mandatory anymore. You’d like to build a great life with the right partner, but you can do bad all by your damn self. Plus, the divine downloads you get when you have time to yourself are invaluable. Moments of solitude or happy & single… you can have whatever you like. 🧘
  5. Not loaning money to friends or family – How many times did you have to NOT be repaid for this to happen? This is your time to get your finances together. Feel free to use our  Ultimate Financial Resource Guide to help you on your journey. 💰
  6. Not compromising on comfort or quality – Sometimes cheap things are just disrespectful to the experience. Yes, the latte is necessary. Yes, thread count matters to you. Black car over Uber X is just your preference. You appreciate the gift of a quiet dishwasher.  🍾
  7. Sharing your unsolicited honest opinion – Maybe they didn’t ask, but somebody needs to hear it. #IsaidwhatIsaid exists for a reason. 📣
  8. Making health and self-care a priority – YOLO may have been a catchy phrase, but it’s also the truth. Choosing YOU means taking care of your temple – not being perfect but not neglecting yourself either. Need to outsource more things to make more time for this? Check out our Ultimate Financial Resource Guide. 💪
  9. Not caring what people think – You’ve finally realized what “Do You, Boo” really means. This covers changing jobs, starting your own business, getting a divorce (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE GETTING A DIVORCE), or getting remarried. It can be as simple as wearing fuzzy house slippers at a photo shoot just because you want to (see cover photo above). IJS 😛
  10. Saying NO – It IS a complete sentence after all. Do it more, unapologetically, sis. ⛔

Did we miss anything? How many of your answers match?

I welcome you to stay tuned into the FIIRM Hero Library (where you are now) and learn about your options as you consider a separation or divorce and you’re ready to feel more empowered. Hope to see you soon.



Nikki Tucker

Nikki Tucker

Founder & Managing Director


Nikki is a 16-year financial services professional, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ®, and the primary divorce financial strategist for The FIIRM Approach. She helps female breadwinners prepare for divorce to avoid common financial mistakes and confidently maintain their financial security. She uses proven strategies within the FIIRM Approach methodology so her clients can manage their money, debt, and credit in their new financial life. TAKE ACTION & LEARN about the tools that can help make your new money life easier. Grab your FREE Ultimate Resource Guide HERE. 

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