Fast FIIRM Action: 5 Reasons to Check Your Beneficiary Information


This video is the final follow-up to the blog post “What If She Gets Your Money.”

There are good surprises.

There are not so good surprises. Often, the not so good surprises are preventable. It takes a little extra effort on your part, but ultimately worth it.

You’d rather be saying I’m glad I took care of that instead of I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Take a look at the Fast FIIRM Action Video (its less than 2 mins) and you can be reminded of when that extra effort might be needed.

Better to be sure about your beneficiary information, than sorry!




Nikki Tucker

Nikki Tucker

Founder & Managing Director


Nikki is a 16-year financial services professional and the founder & primary personal financial strategist for The FIIRM Approach. She helps female breadwinners avoid common financial mistakes during a divorce or after a recent uncoupling. She is keenly focused on helping women confidently maintain their financial security with proven strategies for living with a budget, managing debt, and improving their credit score. TAKE ACTION & LEARN about the tools that can help make your new money life easier. Grab your FREE 2019 Ultimate Resource Guide HERE.  


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