When your financial security is threatened, it can be one of the most stressful times in your life.

I know what it’s like to be afraid to make the wrong money decisions while also knowing you can’t keep making the same bad decisions… or even worse, to take no action at all.

Going through a separation or divorce is hard enough. It can be emotionally draining and sometimes financially draining, too. Your level of stress and worry can be through the roof!

Worrying about anything is sucky (one of my favorite words by the way), but worrying about:

  • how much a divorce is going to cost you,
  • if you can maintain a similar lifestyle to what you are used to,
  • if you can afford to manage your household on your own, or
  • if you can actually learn how to manage your money better tops the list of sucky things.

When it comes to improving your financial life, it’s not just about making any particular decision. It’s about making smarter and more strategic decisions even when things feel sucky.

My name is Nikki. I’m a divorce financial strategist, and I want to help you get these money worries off your back. 

I know sometimes it’s easier to just NOT deal.

However, I created the FIIRM Approach specifically for women ready to deal with their new financial life.

Your financial fears feel very real to you, but what I’ve come to learn is that fears are only about the future. No one is afraid of things that already happened (just think about it for a sec).

The great thing about the present is that you have so much opportunity to deal with the future today.

You can minimize or prevent a contentious and costly divorce by taking the right steps to keep costs to a minimum.

You can be confident in knowing that you can afford your house by yourself after the relationship is over.

You can stop worrying about maintaining your lifestyle and gain more control over your personal finances today.

You can refuse to allow the decision to “uncouple” to destroy your and your children’s future.

The FIIRM Approach

As your go-to option for helpful financial resources, The FIIRM Approach centers around helping female breadwinners who are preparing for divorce (or who are recently uncoupled) gain clarity about their financial life through strategic education.

What about the money-making dudes you ask?

Well, women face a few unique statistics.

Longer life expectancies + lower savings levels + higher medical costs + higher taxes = my soft spot for female breadwinners.

On top of that, detaching from a partner lights a fire under your ass to get reacquainted with your money!

I noticed that some of my successful, smart, and all-around impressively independent girlfriends were worried about maintaining or being able to improve their lifestyle post-divorce.

I wanted to be a resource for them, and it eventually expanded to wanting to be a resource for you.

Think of The FIIRM Approach as your guide to helping you select the right mode of transportation to successfully uncouple. Your first destination? Likely, financial security.

I am highly confident that you can make progress towards reaching your financial goals! Until you gather up the same confidence, you can just borrow mine!

I look forward to working together on your financial path of progress

I look forward to working together on your financial path of progress

After 15+ years in finance, teaching numerous financial literacy courses, obtaining two business degrees and professional financial certifications, continuous financial education (especially with the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts), and being a primary breadwinner myself, I’ve obtained fun insights and eye-opening realizations about personal finance.

*Que Oprah*

One thing I know for sure – we all want to know the “right” thing to do when it comes to money.

Add in some fear, insecurity, and a pinch of doubt and judgement from ourselves and our family, and we end up with the money project of minimalism.

Maybe you’re thinking: Umm… Nikki, I don’t even have enough money to have an actual money project! 

My response: Pssshhhh, please!

The lack of commas in your bank accounts may just mean you need some extra TLC.

Everyone should rock in their zone of genius. Money may not be yours.

Use my education, training, and years of hands-on professional and personal experience to help you get your financial affairs in order as you prepare for divorce or recent uncoupling.

As a primary breadwinner, mom of a teenage son, big sister, and daughter – trust me when I tell you that I have TONS of personal experience that you can leverage the crap out of.

Maybe I still feel like a stranger to you. No worries! I really want to make a good first impression, so I’m going to give you a gift. Grab my most recent Ultimate Financial Resource Guide designed to help you save money AND time.

Ready to tackle it all now?

I love it!

Want to learn more about me…keep on scrolling my friend

Nikki Tucker

I genuinely enjoy helping & teaching strong, amazing women about managing their money because we are often overlooked.

Sometimes our closest friends and family forget we are human, and assume we have “everything under control.”

Our stress often goes unnoticed during our most challenging times, like a divorce, because our loved ones don’t know how to help (or we don’t know how to ask for it).  

Just because we’re not running down the street naked, or ugly crying in the middle of girls’ night doesn’t mean we don’t need help too.

Believe me, I understand what it’s like to make late credit card payments, get tired of paying overdraft fees, and feeling a little hopeless because you owe a stupid mini-mountain of credit card debt.

*Frustrated fist in the air*
Damn college student offers!

After I started looking at my finances from a comprehensive view, I learned to stop making the same mistakes over and over. I started to save money consistently, and improved my credit score to over 800 — all while balancing the demands of work, family, and never-ending bills. When I looked back to see how far I came, I knew others could benefit from my strategies!

Ultimately, I respect money for the undeniable lessons I learned from (yes, that’s really my cute kid below)…

Student Loans

Student Loans

Becoming a Mom

Becoming a Mom

Getting Married

Getting Married

Buying a House

Buying a House

Each of these life “acts” made me step up my game with my “financial house” but more importantly, it made me sympathize with other strong women going through transitions, especially a divorce.

I’m sure you’ve experienced some of these same “acts” and more. Now you’re working on the stepping up your game part.

I like it when people visit the site to learn, but I LOVE it when people commit to staying in touch to grow.

In real life, we would exchange phone numbers & chat, but it sounds creepy at this point in our new virtual relationship.

How about this?

Grab that free gift I mentioned above. Check out the type of research that we do at The FIIRM to help make your financial life simplier.

No strings attached!  No daily cyberstalking when you finish (unless you’re into that sort of thing 😊)

If you still need to learn a little more about me, all I’ve got left is an Official Bio. I swear I’m not that interesting and you may or may not have stalker-ish tendencies. I’m just saying…

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