If a financial counselor and a personal organizer decide to create the perfect love child it would definitely be Nikki Tucker. Nikki proudly serves as the Founder &  Managing Director of The FIIRM Approach. She is the primary divorce financial strategist for female breadwinners, providing a practical approach to managing their financial affairs, reducing stress & becoming more confident all while preparing for divorce.

Having an organized personal finance system in place for years for her own family, a formal education in finance and a career in the financial services industry for over 15 years has provided Nikki with a unique perspective.

She understands the importance of making information related to personal finances more practical and accessible for female breadwinners (who she calls FIIRM Heroes) while helping them avoid common financial mistakes during a divorce.

She is keenly focused on helping women confidently maintain or regain their financial security with proven strategies for living within their means, managing debt, improving their credit score and being aware of their wholistic financial life.

She hosts her signature virtual group program called, Cash Flow Confident: Uncoupled, when she’s not spending time with her family, trying new restaurants, traveling and rewatching her favorite romantic comedies.

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