The FIIRM Approach was started as a financial resource company.

So it’s only fitting that we provide you with a list of resources!

Some of the resources are free, some are moderately priced, and others are high-value options.

The resources listed are those that we have personally used or researched, and hopefully, you can benefit from the fruits of that labor.

Final Note: Some of the links are affiliate links. What does the mean? Well, if you ultimately end up making a purchase or investment after clicking on the link, we may be sent a monetary reward.

The reward may be enough to buy a loaded baked potato, but really just covers the sour cream, cheese, green onions, and bacon… not the actual potato. Which means that the money really has no huge impact on what we choose to recommend.

Find a comprehensive list of over 70 resources/tools available to help you manage your debt & savings, increase your income, plan for retirement, invest your money and manage your household in our most recent
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The resources on this page include the following:

 Books – The books are personal recommendations or highly recommended by the FIIRM’s trusted circle. We have a strong preference for audiobooks to “hear” information as the author intended, but of course, it’s your call.

Technology/Media – The technology resources may make your life simpler, less stressful, provide reassurance, or a combination of the three.

People – Sometimes technology & books just aren’t good enough. That’s ok — “We know a guy or a lady” who can help.

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