Love: Reason, Season or Lifetime

Have you ever heard the phrase some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Listen to the real-life love & divorce stories of women like you.

Silent Preparation Series – Part 1

I took a trip in 2019 to New Mexico with my business besties, Latasha Booth & Kemberli Stephenson. We had a great time in a rented VRBO with an amazing view

When the Next Step Is Scary

Please tell me you’ve seen Sixteen Candles. Is this blog post about Sixteen Candles…no, not really- allow me to connect some dots though. You know Jake, right?

How to Get the Support You Need During a Divorce

Rachel Hollis and her husband are divorcing. I’m not a huge fan or foe...don’t worry. If you're wondering who the heck she is...don't worry about that either.

Do You Speak His Divorce Language

Read this post when you’re ready to be strategic about your conversations with your soon-to-be-ex or share this post with someone that you know should be ready

Coping as Co-Parents during Covid-19

Co-parenting with someone that you don’t necessarily like anymore is difficult under normal conditions. Add in the stress of a pandemic and it may require the coping skills of a saint!

Trying to Keep It All Together

I felt compelled to make The FIIRM a company helping to reframe the divorce experience to reduce the stigma, fear, and trauma surrounding it while providing the tools for women to regain their confidence about their new financial life.
Money questions to ask in a relationship

Screw Love. Are you financially compatible in your relationship? Important Money Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

If you’re planning to jump the broom, it goes without saying that you love each other. Another fair conclusion is at some point you have to discuss money. Do you know what to discuss?
Manage your money better by sticking to the rules that matter to your life.

Managing Your Money As A Female Breadwinner: 12 Modern Rules to Reach Your Financial Goals

These rules are the guiding principles for modern women that are truly ready to regain control of their money and reach their financial goals by using these simple tactics!

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