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What is Bring Home the Bacon (BHTB)?

Simply put it’s virtual financial-focused workshops for grown women.

Just because you bring home the bacon (money) and you want to enjoy it doesn’t mean you can’t also have a place of solace & solidarity to actively work on reaching your financial dreams.

A place to get help without telling all your business!

This experience is designed for pre-divorce or post-divorce female breadwinners looking for answers to their questions as they manage their financial life.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, it covers common financial topics such as budgeting, debt reduction, retirement strategies, home buying & lifestyle changes + unique topics such as divorce planning, tax planning, estate planning, and more.

Is Bring Home the Bacon for You?

Grown women – Seriously, if you don’t consider yourself a grown- ass- woman with grown woman problems, this community might have a little too much “real talk” for you.

BHTB is for pre-divorce or post-divorce female breadwinners who fight EVERYDAY to balance the demands of the needs of their families and their own personal dreams and aspirations.

You have overcome huge challenges & transitions, go to bed exhausted, yet wake up ready to tackle another day because you refuse to quit on the life you deserve.

What Should I Expect from Bring Home the Bacon?

Imagine having access to relevant financial-related information from various professionals & experts without having to pay each of them individually for their expertise unless you need them for 1:1 work.

  1. We know you’re busy -but your goals require regular attention – we meet 2x a month. That’s it.

2. You agree to commit to the program for a minimum of 1 quarter – we’d love to have you stay with us but you it’s totally up to you.

3. You confirm your spot by paying $299 per quarter.

4. You submit questions, SHOW up energized, ready to learn and take action. If you can’t show up live, we’ll send you the audio.

5. At the end of each quarter you receive a Thank You Gift from us because we recognize how big of a deal it is to take care of YOU.**

*Rinse & repeat the five steps above.

**If you refer a friend to BHTB you get an even nicer gift at the end of the quarter.

Nikki Tucker

I’m your host, Nikki Tucker, the Managing Director and founder of The FIIRM Approach. I’m excited to bring you the best parts of past FIIRM Approach programs under one umbrella. If you haven’t noticed, I’m serious about money and I’m excited to share my personal expertise + my network of financial specialists, college planning experts, mental health therapists, and legal experts to give you as much support as possible so that you can:

This Financial Workshop Series gives what you need to Own Your Financial Power!

Read what women have to say about working with Nikki

“Our conversations opened my eyes to the work I need to do and made me feel like it was doable.”

“As a result of the program, I have created a budget that I do my best to stick to. I have started a plan to eliminate my debt. I feel more confident and positive about how to manage my money. I have learned different ways to track spending, how to make decisions around major purchases, when to make major purchases, how to save for the things I want to do. I thought the opportunities to have working sessions were great and helped me to “get it done” vs procrastinating.” 

 “A couple of years ago I was contemplating bankruptcy. My student loan was about to take me under and I could think of no other way to stay afloat. Financial advice was not something I was remotely interested in because what was the point? My finances were out of whack and it was about to get worse. So I thought. Thankfully I was able to get a workable plan for my student loan but still my credit was not so great and she gave me some great advice on how to repair and establish credit. I started to pay a little more attention and followed more suggestions because they were working! Her advice, my diligence and patience has allowed me to grow my score from the low 600’s to just over 750. I said 750! She had to talk me down from the ledge a few times and it didn’t happen overnight but it is paying off big time! My next goal is being prepared to buy car. I’m going to be one of those well qualified buyers that I hear about!” 

(Btw, she bought her new car in 2021)

Quick FAQ about Bring Home the Bacon (BHTB)

Do I have to share private financial information?

Noper. Share what you are comfortable sharing. We have structured our workshops so that the only way others will know you’re in BHTB is if you want them to. You can get help with deeply personal challenges without exposing yourself to other members.

When are BHTB sessions?

We regularly meet 2x a month (mainly Saturday mornings) for 3 quarters (Jan- March, April- June, July-Sept).   We don’t have regular sessions during the 4th quarter (because we know you are way too busy) but you might not want to miss our success celebrations. If you can’t attend live, we will send you the audio recording of the sessions so you can listen podcast style.

What if I’m only considering divorce?

We can help. There are so many resources and experts + your own experiences & strength that can help you get through your divorce in “one piece”. Let us help you learn what they are & how to utilize them.

I’ve never been married. Is BHTB for me?

BHTB is intended for female breadwinners who are not married. If you are happily married (which is obviously a great thing) it doesn’t mean you can’t join BHTB but you should know the information shared is geared towards the needs of unmarried women.

What if I can’t attend the event but I need help with something?

You don’t need to attend live to get your questions answered. You have the option to submit  your questions up to 24 hours beforehand via email or leaving us a voice message on Voxer.

Can this help people “bad with money”?

Yep, because we don’t believe that’s a thing. You’ve made mistakes. So what. Even those that have their financial act together are not perfect. Let us help you change your perspective on how you handle your money.

Do you offer refunds?

We want you to be sure that you want to be a part of the BHTB community BEFORE you sign up? While we don’t offer refunds, you are free to cancel at the end of your quarterly session.

Got more  questions? Send a message here.

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