I work with a limited number of clients in my signature program.

The program is currently open for enrollment.

Trying to figure out if you’re ready to get your personal finances in order?

Here’s my philosophy – if it’s not a HELL Yes then it’s a No.

Ready for peace of mind & accountability?

Ready to stop being frustrated with expensive financial surprises?

Tired of hoping the next family illness or death doesn’t cause you severe financial pain or worry?

If the answers to the above 3 questions are HELL Yes, then you’re ready.

Clicking the link below does not obligate you to a financial commitment.

It is the next step to see if we are a good fit.

Listen to me…Carol Anne…walk into the light (Hopefully, you’ve seen Poltergeist)


We can work together through my signature FIIRM Financial Face Down Program to get you real relief

Work With Me

It’s a private personal financial strategy program to help you assess the health of your financial affairs. This comprehensive program is designed to increase your confidence and control over your personal finances. MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT’S CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR NEEDS.

We’re a perfect fit if you…

  • Would be pissed if your husband’s ex-wife got some of your life insurance money
  • Hate wasting money on late fees
  • Are frustrated with your hodge podge budgeting system
  • Provide financial or physical support to people you didn’t give birth to nor marry
  • May have to take care of your parent’s financial needs & their current situation is a mystery
  • Are looking for the funds to hire your cleaning lady ☺
  • Appreciate “no to low tech” solutions

We should see other people if you…

  • Don’t plan on being committed to the program (yourself) for the duration
  • Rather sit in court & fight for money you thought would be yours
  • Experience OCD or hoarder tendencies
  • Severely struggle to pay your bills & make ends meet
  • Don’t care if your family remembers the details you’ve told them over the years about your financial affairs
  • Don’t keep up with the Jones. YOU ARE the Jones!
  • Want super tech savvy program

What’s in it for you…

Set up a system for success - Save time & money

Better prepared for financial planning conversations

Organized documents & information all in one place

Reduced clutter and unnecessary paperwork

Don’t feel alone - hands on support & accountability

Learn how to have great money talks with your family

Tools to teach your children about money

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