A fair divorce settlement is the goal, but it may be tough figuring out how to get there.

The Silent Preparation Series is a digital resource for working women who want help strategically planning for divorce.

You get access to an online learning portal where you can go through the information at your own pace. You'll learn:

- About the cost of different modern divorce options

- How you can save money on your divorce

-Who can help you get through the process  

-The list of items to prepare & organize BEFORE your head starts spinning

It's OK if you aren't sure that you definitely want a divorce.

Whether you're undecided about filing or were recently crushed by the news, the Silent Preparation Series helps you prepare for your next move.

"Wow, what an awesome set of resources for those contemplating divorce! Definitely gives someone the roadmap for the journey, while adding a personal touch with well thought thorough advice. As a man, I would not want my wife [future ex-wife] using the SPS..actually I'd want it for myself!" 

Feeling overwhelmed, alone, pissed, scared, and powerless all in one week is normal.  

Maybe you've confided in 1 or 2 people who you really trust, but you still have questions such as : 

  • When should you contact an attorney or do you even need one  
  • What should you be doing to prepare if you do end up divorcing  
  • How much is this going to cost you

The financial side of divorce can be intimidating.  

Hi, I'm Nikki Tucker

College degrees, certifications, trainings, and years of experience in commercial banking, financial literacy education, and divorce financial analysis support my current mission.

I want to reframe the divorce experience & help working women overcome uncertainty with their money while preparing for divorce.

Use the Silent Preparation Series as our "first date" to learn more about divorce & how you can get through the process with less confusion.  

Leverage my experience, network, and expertise to get the help you've been looking for in a safe space.

Help Me, Help You! 

Do you want to feel confident about where to start in the process?

Do you know what common financial mistakes to avoid?

Are you prepared if he takes all your money out of the bank?

Take advantage of an offer made with hard-working women in mind:

Get access for 1 year to the Silent Preparation Series: Where to Begin When Considering Divorce for only $249

Enroll In the Silent Preparation Series NOW>>>

 Why Do I Need This Resource Now?

Remember that thing I said about being strategic?

Developing your "plan" from an informed position helps to prevent unwanted surprises.

Here are a few other reasons:

Time is quite literally money in a divorce.

> Learn who & what resources are available to support you BEFORE you start this journey or share this decision with your family & friends.

> Don't get blindsided or outsmarted before & during negotiations

> Get priority access & special bonuses for future FIIRM Approach divorce resources


If keeping more money in your pocket & saving money on your divorce is important, this digital resource is for you!  


X You want to let the chips fall where they may (may not be the best strategy, but it's "a" strategy)

X You’re planning to fight out EVERYTHING in court (your time, your money, your prerogative)

X You’re not planning on reading, watching, or using anything in this digital resource (no need to waste your money)  

If you uttered the words “I don't even know where to start"

I’ve got some good news for you. 

Now you can find out.  

Does the Silent Preparation Series cover ALL things divorce? No, but it helps remove the paralysis of what to do first.  

What if I'm crazy busy? You can dive into the information when your life allows & only utilize the resources that you need!  

What's included in this program?

Here's what your $249 investment covers:

  • 1 year of access (just in case your prep takes a bit longer)
  • Consolidated online information including the downloadable Ultimate Divorce Resource Guide (40+ pages of info including cost, links, and descriptions of your modern divorce options)
  • Short Expert On-Demand Videos from a divorce attorney, divorce coach, therapist & divorce financial strategist covering how to select the right professionals, what to ask, how to prepare, and how to keep your divorce costs down
  • Printable & Fillable Worksheets & Checklists to help you uncover what you really want out of your divorce, what assets you have, and how to plan for negotiations.

We help women feel secure in their ability to provide for themselves and their families. You work hard for your money, we want to help you keep it.

-The FIIRM Approach 

Enroll In the Silent Preparation Series NOW>>>

There's no question that divorce threatens your financial security.

Use the Silent Preparation Series as your first tool to smack this threat in the face!  

More SPS feedback:

"This is an excellent tool that helps pull the bandaid off at your own pace, time & space. It's a healthy practice, in general, to create options ahead of time and lead the conversations rather than letting someone else lead and lock you into something you don't want"

"Impressive resource & worth the money. I like that it lays out a path plus the PDFs are easy to follow"

Utilizing professionals to get you through your divorce is not just for the wealthy!

I've included trusted divorce experts in this series to help you learn that it's possible to build your personal divorce team!

Learn how having more than one person help you along this journey can actually save you money & give you peace of mind.

Grab your 1-year access to the Silent Preparation Series at the one-time Investment of $249!  

A big part of managing your divorce is about being proactive.

I consciously took away the issue of "not being able to afford to prepare" as this option is cheaper than a few hours with an attorney, therapist or coach.  

There’s no question that you can piece together advice from blog posts, different books, podcasts, articles, and horror stories advice from your friends to help you!  

But I guarantee you all the TIME you spend doing that work is worth way more than $249.  

It's ok if you're not even entirely sure that you will end up divorced. At this point, I just want you to know critical information IF you do!

Plus, if you end up spending 4 to 5 figures on your divorce, $249 is a no brainer investment to keep the comma in the right spot!