Bring Home the Bacon

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Bring Home the Bacon

A Financial Food Brunch Exclusive X The FIIRM Approach


Bring Home the Bacon

A Financial Food Brunch Exclusive X The FIIRM Approach


What is Bring Home the Bacon (BHTB)?


It’s where intimate dining experiences and financial conversations intersect.

This monthly 2+ hour brunch exclusive experience is designed for female breadwinners looking for tips to manage their financial life, reduce the stress and hear the perspective of successful everyday women

If you’ve been looking to “level-up” our circle – this is your chance!


Who is Bring Home the Bacon intended for?


Grown women – Seriously, if you don’t consider yourself a grown- ass- woman with grown woman problems, there’s really no need to RSVP. Plus there will be wine, so if you’re under 21, no Bueno!

BHTB is for female breadwinners that fight EVERYDAY to balance the demands of the needs of their families and their personal dreams and aspirations.

Essentially, you bring home the bacon (money) and you want to have some bacon left over for another day and for yourself!

It’s for women that go to bed exhausted, yet wake up ready to tackle another day because you refuse to quit on your dreams.

Women that want a place of solace & solidarity to actively work on reaching their financial dreams while eating some damn good food that you didn’t have to prepare yourself.

How does Bring Home the Bacon work?


  1. You RSVP to hold your spot by clicking any orange button on this page

2. You will receive an email from The FIIRM Approach acknowledging your RSVP

3. You confirm your spot by prepaying. 

4. You SHOW up energized, ready to contribute, ready to learn and ready to EAT

5. You go home with your goodie bag and implement what you learned

*You decide if you’re coming to a future BHTB series and repeat the five steps above. You might decide to bring a friend the next time which gets you and her a discount

**Sometimes there will be actual bacon, sometimes not

Because of the limited seating, RSVP for the upcoming event today. The location will be in the Chicagoland area. More details will be provided to those that RSVP.

Nikki Tucker

I’m your host, Nikki Tucker, the Managing Director and founder of The FIIRM Approach and I will guide you through information, worksheets, and conversations relevant to your struggles as a hard-working breadwinner.

I’m super serious about my food & my money. I’m even more excited to help you take better control of your money.

Plus a Private Chef!


How great is it to show up and enjoy a dining experience and you DON’T HAVE TO BRING A DISH!

You deserve to be served & poured. Chef Whit has you covered!!

Chef Whit of This Girl’s Grub, LLC is dedicated to creating a balance between healthy and delicious. This Girl’s Grub changes the meaning of a healthy lifestyle with endless options packed with flavor and love in each meal.

This Financial Brunch Series gives comfort food a whole new meaning!

Hungry in more ways than one – sign up today

Got questions – email – [email protected]

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